Services that Aspiring Lives Ltd provide

Supported Living

We ensure that your housing and support is built around you rather you fitting into a service. Aspiring Lives Ltd work with Housing Associations to support you in identifying your ideal housing needs. Aspiring Lives adopt the REACH standards when providing the service: This means that we help you to:

  • Choose who you live with and how
  • Choose where you live
  • Choose who supports you and how you are supported
  • Have your own home and your own Tenancy Agreement

You will want to live independently but may choose or require help from Aspiring Lives Ltd with some aspects of your daily living. Aspiring Lives Ltd aim to help and empower you to make the best choices in life.

Supported Living

Community Support

Individualised and person centred support for you to live as independently as possible within your own home within the community. Aspiring Lives Ltd will assess your needs to find out how best we can support you. Aspiring Lives Ltd will work closely with you to provide you with advice and support to access a range of services including:

  • Employment opportunities
  • Educational Activities
  • Leisure Activities
  • Personal Support and Care
  • Social Activities
Community Support